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3 Benefits of a Clear Tile on Your Roof

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Whenever we hear the word ‘skylight’, we usually think of it as an expensive home improvement. But what if I tell you that there’s a cheaper alternative and can also provide almost the same benefit? If you have a tiled roof (cement or terracotta), then this article is for you!

A skylight requires that you cut holes in the roof to install the window. A skylight installation also requires installing flashing and sealing around the opening, but clear tiles give you the benefits of a skylight without the risks. Clear tiles are designed to take the place of your regular terracotta or concrete tiles. You don’t have to cut holes in the roof, or install flashing. Clear tiles won’t be compromised during a freeze-thaw cycle. Clear plastic tiles are also more affordable to install than a traditional skylight.

Below, we’ll discuss the three main benefits of choosing a clear tile skylight for your tiled roof.

Cheaper skylight alternative

If you wanted a skylight but you’re on a tight budget, then this might be the solution for you. Clear tile skylights can be used as an alternative option for a skylight at a cheaper price. They replace your normal tiles with a clear acrylic tile and works similarly to a dome skylight.

Provides natural light into the roof cavity space

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Ever have that feeling that something’s running in your roof space? It might be vermin or possums living in there as they love to hide in dark spaces. With a clear tile installed, it drives away vermin and pests as it provides light into your roof space. It also provides light for persons doing maintenance or installation in your roof space.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing a clear tile is relatively easy, as long as you’re not afraid of heights. First, identify the area which you want to place your clear tile. Next, simply remove two tiles (as the clear tile takes up a double tile). Finally, place the clear tile as how you would normally place a tile. Lugs are provided behind the skylight where you can thread a wire or cable tie and anchor it to the floating timbre for extra security.

Note: Make sure you have the correct match of the tile profile otherwise, it would not fit properly.

DIY clear tile

At Skyvac Clear Tiles, we offer an array of plastic roofing tiles in a variety of styles. We can match your existing terracotta or concrete tile shape to one of our many designs, such as the popular Elabana for cement; or Modern French for terracotta. You can choose either clear plastic or opal for privacy, while still letting the natural light filter through. Check out our selection here and have easy-to-install, matching plastic tiles for your roof delivered straight to your door.

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